Check if your smart license is printed in Nepal

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Nepali License – Results, Printed List, Likhit and Trial Updates

Nepali Licene ( is a common platform for the people who are related to driving license in Nepal. Here, we provide you with all the updates related to smart driving licnese in Nepal.

We provide you with:

  • Printed List updates of license
  • Result of Likhit
  • Result of Trial
  • Form Fill up Help
  • Eye Check Up Test and more.

What is the process to get a smart driving license in Nepal?

We are explaining the process in 5 easy steps.

  1. Fill up the online form
  2. Submit your documents
  3. Appear in the likhit exam
  4. Pass the trial
  5. Make the payment and get license.

# 1 How to fill up the online form for Smart Driving License in Nepal?

To get a new driving license in Nepal, you must apply online. Similarly, to renew your license and update / add the category, online form submission is necessary.

You can fill up the online form by clicking this link.

# 2 What documents should I submit for smart driving license in Nepal?

On appointment date you should submit all the documents. On the appointment date, visit the office with

  • Original and Xerox copy of your Citizenship
  • Printed document of application for license
  • Certificate of medical test

Medical test is done on same day. Here, color blindness test is performed.

Here, pay the form fee and get your applicant ID.

# 3 Likhit Exam of Smart License

After submitting the form and fees, you need to sit on the likhit exam of smart driving license in Nepal. You will be provided with 20 objective questions.

You may want:

Check Result of Likhit Examination

Practice for Likhit

Result of Likhit

# 4 Trial Examination

After you successfully pass the likhit / written examination, you need to appear on the trial examination to get the license. You will get 3 chances to pass the trial examination. If you fail once, you will be eligible for retrial only after the 10 days.

# 5 Make the payment and get license

If you pass the trial, you need to make the payment fee after the 10 days. You will get a payment slip after paying the license fee.

You can use the slip as a driving license until the you get printed smart driving licnese.

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