• July 17, 2024

Retrial of Driving License in Nepal. What to do in Bhaktapur ?

Bagmati Province Government, Bhaktapur Offers Retrial Examination for Failed Practical Candidates

Have you recently taken a practical examination and received disappointing results? The Bagmati Province Government, Bhaktapur office has some important news for you! In an effort to provide a fair opportunity for improvement, the Labor, Employment, Ministry of Transport, and Transport Management Office have announced a retrial examination option. This notice is intended to inform all candidates about the retrial process and guide them through the necessary steps.

Driving License Retrial Application

Starting from Jestha 21, 2080, after two working days after the date of failure in your license examination, candidates who did not pass the practical examination are invited to apply for a retrial. You can submit your application in Office Room No. 1 at the Yatayat Bhaktapur office, where dedicated officials will guide you through the process. This retrial examination is a chance for you to showcase your abilities and achieve the desired results for driving license in Nepal.

Important Information on Retrial of Driving License in Nepal

To ensure that all concerned candidates are well-informed, please take note of the following key details:

Eligibility: Only candidates who were unsuccessful in the practical examination are eligible for the retrial. If you didn’t achieve the desired outcome, this opportunity is specifically tailored for you.

Application Date: The retrial application process will commence from Jestha 21, 2080. Make sure to mark this date in your calendar and take the necessary steps to apply within the given timeframe.

Time Frame: Candidates must submit their retrial applications within two working days of the date of failure in Nepal’s driving license examination. This time limit has been set to ensure a smooth and efficient process for all applicants.

Thank you for your attention. Should you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us.

retrial of driving license in nepal bhaktapur
retrial of driving license in nepal bhaktapur