• July 11, 2024

SMS shows license is printed, but office says license is not arrived yet !

Congratulations to you at the first moment. You are in this page with meaning you already have passed the written and trial examination for the driving license.

Have you checked if your driving license is ready ?

If not, check if your smart driving license in Nepal ready ?

Is your card ready ? If yes, you may have message like this :

Dear ******************, Your License is PRINTED. Please visit related office after …. to collect your license.

Sample SMS after your license is printed.

Our concern is not this. Our main issue is after getting this SMS, you go to related office and still you are not able to get license. The staffs of office are still saying your license is not with them.

Regarding this issue, nepaliforums.com had asked at DoTM, Minbhawan. One of the staffs there said that this is due to their listing process. If you had given your trial in 2018, this issue is maximum.

So, in this case you are requested to visit related license office after a month that is around first week of Falgun.