• July 11, 2024

Likhit Result Bhaktapur | Check Driving License Written Result of Jagati

Check Likhit Result of Jagati Bhaktapur

Have you recently appeared in the likhit examination for a driving license in Nepal? Have you appeared from Yatayat office Jagati of Bhaktapur? Wewill be giving you ideas how to check the result of your likhit examination for driving license in Bhaktapur in this article.

How to see Written Exam Result of Driving License in Jagati, Bhaktapur?

You can simply check your driving license written test result of Bhakatapur, Jagati by visiting the official website, dotm.gov.np.

But you have to use subdomain bhaktapurlc on the site. i.e Simply type bhaktapurlc.dotm.gov.np

In simple terms, visit: https://bhaktpurlc.dotm.gov.np/

After that, inside the website, you will see a section named ” Suchana ra Gatibidhi”

Now, click the date on which you have appeared for smart driving license likhit examination in yatayat office of Bhaktapur.

Likhit Result Bhaktapur 2080 Asar 18