• July 11, 2024
nepali driving license

How to get motorbike driving license in nepal ?

First of all , check if you are qualified for applying driving license in nepal.

Fill up the application form for nepali driving license online.

Find : How to apply for driving license in Nepal with online application form?

After submitting the application , you will be provided with written examination date.

The server of online application might have gone down. In this case visit the transportation office and submit the application form that you have filled up online.

Sit for the eye test where you will be checked if you have colour blindness or not.
In eye test, you need to say the number which is written in the card.

Once the eye is tested, you need to go to pay Rajaswa.

After this, you need to sit up for the written test in driving license.

Check your Written Examination Result of Driving License !

If you pass the exam, you need to be ready for the trial examination.

Give the trial, if you pass then you should go to office and pay rajaswa for driving license.

If you fail in trial, then see how to appear in Retrial for Driving License in Nepal

You need to wait for smart driving license in Nepal after this.

Is your smart driving license in Nepal ready ? Check out.