• July 17, 2024

Driving License Renew in Nepal | Fine, Renew Amount Everything You Need To Know

The process for renewing a driver’s license in Nepal is as follows:

When To Renew a Driving License in Nepal?

The driver’s license must be renewed within 90 days from the date of expiration. If the license is not renewed within this timeframe, a penalty will be imposed.

Fine For Driving License Renewal in Nepal

Penalty: The penalty for late renewal increases with each year after the first year of expiration. For example, if the license is not renewed within the first year, a penalty of 100% will be imposed. If the license is not renewed within two years, the penalty will be 200%, and so on, up to a maximum of 500% for a license that has not been renewed for five years.

Renew Fee – Driving License In Nepal

Renewal fee: The fee for renewing a driver’s license depends on the type of vehicle driven. The costs are as follows:

Motorcycles and scooters: 1,500 rupees
Small vehicles (excluding motorcycles and scooters): 2,000 rupees
Medium vehicles: 2,500 rupees
Large vehicles: 3,000 rupees
Note that if a driver holds a license for multiple types of vehicles, the fee for the vehicle with the highest fee will be charged.

Validity of Driving License in Nepal

Validity: The renewed driver’s license will be valid for five years. If a driver’s license is not renewed for five years, it will be automatically canceled and cannot be renewed.
It is important to renew a driver’s license within the required timeframe in order to avoid penalties and to maintain a valid license.