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Driving License printed till date [UPDATE]

Updated on 16th June 2020
Department of Transportation Management, Ekantakuna, Bagmati today published a notice regarding the distribution of smart driving license from Ekantakuna.
In the notice, it is stated that from 1st of Ashar 2077, the office is distributing the smart driving license up to the number of 01-06-00622000.
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No fine on vehicle tax will be imposed until the last of Ashar 2077

So, if your driving license number is less than 01-06-00622000, you can visit the Ekantakuna offices to collect your license.

As per the notice, other remaining license are being printed and are being managed. For the other printed license, the office will publish another notice.
Latest Update on  November 29
License.. Are you thinking upto which number it is available?
As per the unofficial information we have get, DoTM, Minbhawan is distributing license upto license number 569K i.e 569,000 lakhs.

List of License sent to Transport Management Offices till date

Printed Driving License in Thulo Bharyant [ Update upto Asar 4 ]
Printed Driving License received in ThuloBharyang [Upto Jestha 17, 2076 ]
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According to a post posted by a user in facebook group Ekantakuna license, he have received his smart driving license and available driving license is upto 534,000.
Please visit to office of Transportation management for more update.

driving license printed updated
driving license printed updated

You can see the licenses that are sent to respective Offices of Transportation after driving license are printed in official facebook page of ” Hello Yatayat Byawastha Bibhag”.


Download List of Smart Driving Licenses in Nepal that are printed

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According to the latest information that we have, the latest license number available at Ekantakuna license is 35501 to 399940
But in notice, there is stated that many license are missing inside this range as well.  Comment below if your number lies  in this list.
Check alternatively.

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