• July 11, 2024

Biometric, Written and Trial Date for Driving License – DoTM, Ekantakuna

Updated Office Visit Date for Smart Driving License, Ekantakuna

If you have already fill up the smart driving license form and your office visit date has left due to COVID, DoTM, Ekantakuna has published new date for biometric and office visit.

The notice includes the date from 2078 Asar 13 to 2078 Shrawan 4 i.e 2021 June 27 to 2021 July 21.

Details in Table below

S.NOffice Visit DateUpdated Office Visit DateWritten ExamTrial Date (A,K,B)
1June 27,28Nov 14Kartik 29Mangsir 1
2June 29,30Nov 15Kartik 30Mangsir 2
3July 4,5Nov 16Mangsir 1Mangsir 2
4July 6,7Nov 17Mangsir 2Mangsir 3
5July 11,12Nov 21Mangsir 6Mangsir 8
6July 13,14Nov 22Mangsir 7Mangsir 9
7July 18,19Nov 23Mangsir 8Mangsir 9
8July 20,21Nov 24Mangsir 9Mangsir 10

Points to be noted

  • If you are unable to attend the updated biometric date, there is no any provision for you to attend the exam.
  • New notice will be published for the updated date after of July 21
  • For trial of F, G and heavy equipment’s practical exam, new notice will be published
  • Stay updated with us for further details.